Week 5(a little late): Sweaty-sexy-salsa dancing and sweaty sucky salsa dancing plus turtling

First of all: I’m sorry for the late post!  I’ve always been meaning to write and update but life has been busy.  I guess that’s a good thing.


End of the first week of school – Sweaty Sexy Salsa Dancing!  Yeaahhhh

My Alaskan friends, Caleb and Rich, decide to host a fantastic BBQ at their home for all of us new teachers.  It was nice to see our new teachers friends and to unwind after surviving our first week of school.  I came prepared: Two bottles of WINE!!  (It’s ok, I didn’t drink both).  I guess I had underplayed how important those beginning friendships had really become.  We all seemed extremely happy to be together.  After a few beers, a tequila run and the end of the BBQing, our Mexican friends decided to take the last bunch of us out for some Salsa dancing!  We drove to a swank hotel, the RUI.  Inside the hotel, past the fancy foyer, there was the hotel bar and sunken dance floor with a 10 piece band playing on a stage.  If you’ve ever been around me when I’ve had some drinks and there’s latin music playing, you could probably picture how I behaved.  I instantly thought I was latino and I shook my hips like no man’s business.  It was hilarious.   The men here are forward and I got asked dance often.  No breaks.  One mexican asked me the typical question “where are you from” and we got to chatting and I found out pretty quickly that HE had lived in Kelowna!!! Small world!  If you’ve ever been to the Habitat for salsa nights or if you’ve ever gone to the Rotary Centre for $5 salsa classes (I did this once, only once!) then you might have Carlos, my dancing partner.  He loves to salsa and teaches it here in GDL.  There’s a main boulevard downtown where people meet up in the evenings and he teaches them how to salsa in the middle of the boulevard.  I’ll check it out and report back.  The night was totally unexpected and super fun.



If you’ve done the Cape Scott trail or any other super soogy trail with boardwalks, you’ll be very familiar with Turtling.  It’s when you suddenly slip and fall flat on your back.  Usually, it involves having someone come to your rescue to pull back to your feet.  

Sunday night, the night before my 2nd week of school of school, I woke up to another crazy storm.  My apartment has these huge patio glass doors that I leave open so I can have the nice breeze throughout my apartment.  Last time it stormed, I discovered that the rain comes right through my screen doors and creates a large flood on my tiled living area.  Knowing that a flood would happen, I rushed out my of bed in the middle of the night to close those screen doors.  Just a foot away from grabbing the glass doors, I turtled. Hard.  I was flat on my bare back. Completely surprised that I wasn’t unconscious from my whoopdedoo.  I picked my sorry ass up and closed the glass door and carefully made it back to my bed.  Two days later, I was walking around with mild whip lash and a stiff neck.  




This moth was trapped in my classroom this morning. IT’s MASSIVE!!


Sweaty sucky salsa dancing.

My friend Rich is incredibly adventurous.  He is always seeking out new things to do.  He never sits still.  After our amazing time salsa dancing at the swanky hotel, Rich had decided to seek out some salsa classes.  He invited me to come along.  We got there and the salsa class was in the back of this tiny ma-and-pa gym.  The instructor spoke no english.  After my last experience, I felt I had a pretty good chance at learning to salsa.  That thought quickly disappeared after the first sequence was demonstrated.  I was completely lost.  We rotated around between partners.  Luckily no guy had me as a partner for longer than a few steps.  It was terrible, painful, and ego squashing.  This gym had no fans and we were locked in the back of the gym with no air.  Everyone was soooo sweaty.  I’m not sure if it was the lack of wine or if the instructor was just showing off a bit too much.  There’s a slight chance I’ll go for one more torture session, but that’s it!


My First Patio Wine Night.


Crazy storm clouds. I tried to capture the lightning strikes and after a 100 pics, I was unsuccessful. The elusive lighting


Marshmellow challenge in Mexico!


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